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The Illini 4000 is a non-profit organization dedicated to documenting the American cancer experience through The Portraits Project, raising funds for cancer research and patient support services, as well as spreading awareness for the fight against cancer through annual cross-country bike rides.

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Day 29: La Crosse to Rochester 06.26.16

Today was an 83.6 mile day into Minnesota. We rode for, Wendy, the sister of one of Sarah’s friends. She passed away from lymphoma this week. She passed very quickly, and we are all thinking about her family.

The first forty miles were a breeze today. Literally and figuratively. The second forty, however, were very difficult. The wind really picked up. It can feel demoralizing when you feel like you have to put effort into pedaling downhill. Nonetheless, we finished and rolled into Zumbro Lutheran Church a little later than normal and with a sense of relief.

There was a competition today to see what group could take the best picture with the “Welcome to Minnesota” sign. It had great potential, but only 2 groups actually saw the sign. The rest (mine included) blew right past it as they were crossing the bridge. Minnesota needs to up their sign game if you ask me.

We succeeded greatly in calling for food donations today. Alison is a great encourager of everyone calling at least one place at every rest stop, and as a result we acquired some Indian food, 5 Pizza Hut pizzas, and 5 dozen donuts from Dunkin Donuts. You read that right, 5 dozen. That’s a lot of donuts to get for free!

If our legs don’t need a break tomorrow our stomachs will. Looking forward to our rest day!


Day 28: Wisconsin Dells to Lacrosse 06.25.16

Day 28: Wisconsin Dells to Lacrosse This morning we dedicated our ride to one of Lindsey’s field hockey coaches, Coach Carter. She is a survivor for 8 years now of ovarian cancer. We left an Read more…

Day 27: Marshall to Wisconsin Dells 06.24.16

This morning began with a short 4 mile ride to the TREK factory in Waterloo, Wisconsin. The TREK business began there, and has been in Waterloo since 1976. The ride was dedicated to Maren’s nana, Read more…

Day 26: Lake Geneva to Mitchell 06.23.16

Today we rode into the area of Wisconsin that Sarah T. is from. Therefore, we dedicated the ride to her mom, Colleen, who is a survivor of colon cancer. Today is broken into chunks in Read more…

Day 25: Lincolnshire to Lake Geneva 06.22.16

We left a little later this morning because we only had a 50 mile day into Lake Geneva. We rode for Richard Rooney, my Uncle Brian’s grandpa who passed away from colon cancer. Another state Read more…

Day 24: Chicago to Lincolnshire 06.21.16

After a wonderful day off in Chicago, the team rode 40 miles to Lincolnshire. Today’s ride was dedicated to Nancy Harmon, the mom of one Lindsey’s friends. She is battling breast cancer right now. We Read more…