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The Illini 4000 is a non-profit organization dedicated to documenting the American cancer experience through The Portraits Project, raising funds for cancer research and patient support services, as well as spreading awareness for the fight against cancer through annual cross-country bike rides.

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Day 71: Petaluma to San Fran! 08.07.16

What a day! We have officially made it! It’s funny how some of the biggest moments are sometimes the hardest to put into words. It was an incredible ending to an absolutely amazing summer, with an even better group of people.

Today’s ride was dedicated to Mofei’s friend’s friend, Mingxuan Ju. After he was diagnosed 9 months ago, he decided to donate all of his healthy organs. Unfortunately, he passed away 99 days ago.

Our ride was 47 very hilly, very curvy miles, but we were all so excited that I think adrenalin pushed us up the hills. Catherine Kemp’s brother was kind enough to drive the van for us so that no one had to miss out on today’s ride.

We got to the Golden Gate Bridge, took a million pictures, and then finally crossed. It was very populated, but we definitely took in what we were doing. It felt surreal to remember crossing the bridge in NYC, and to be crossing an even larger bridge on the opposite side of the country.

Across the bridge were greeted by family and friends at Baker’s Bay. This trip would not have been possible without all of their support, and it was fun celebrating with them.

We raised $87,000 and collected 36 portraits this summer. It’s an accomplishment we are proud of!

However I wrap this up won’t be enough. But I’ll end with this: Thank you to everyone that followed us, supported us, was kind to us on the road, and provided for us. Our mission wouldn’t have been successful without you. And to everyone who has fought or is fighting cancer: thank you for inspiring us each and every day. We sincerely hope that this ride will not be necessary in the future. Until then, we will continue fighting cancer on two wheels.


Day 70: Lower Lake to Petaluma 08.06.16

Today was a great day! Lindsey and I dedicated today’s ride to our own Jack’s. Jack Marston, the father of 2 of Lindsey’s classmates, died in 2004 of skin cancer. A close family friend of Read more…

Day 69: Orland to Lower Lake 08.05.16

This morning Maren dedicated our ride to her papa, Stan Morgan. He passed from liver cancer 5 years ago and August 8 is b her nana and papa’s anniversary. Since we are done riding on Read more…

Day 68: Redding to Orland 08.04.16

First United Methodist Church provided a delicious breakfast of French toast, eggs, and peaches. I am always amazed when people voluntarily get up early enough to feed us. Peggy was so fun and supportive that Read more…

Day 67: Mount Shasta to Redding 08.03.16

Today was HOT! It was 102 degrees when we finished our ride. Thankfully, we have since cooled down and are comfortably enjoying the air conditioning. We dedicated our ride to two people. Steven asked to Read more…

Day 66: Klamath Falls, OR to Mt. Shasta, CA 08.02.16

***First, I want to make you aware of a separate post I made last night containing San Francisco Arrival Information. Please refer to it if you plan on meeting us on August 7th. Now, on Read more…