Zihao Xia

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HometownGuangzhou, China
UniversityUniversity of Illinois
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Hi! Nice to see you here! My name is Zihao Xia. You can call me Howe. I am a sophomore studying psychology in UIUC and this is my second year studying aboard. I come from Guangzhou, China where there is lots of delicious food but a hot and humid weather. About who I am: I am both an outgoing and quiet person. Ever since I entered primary school I like playing basketball with my friends. And it is by playing basketball I met a lot of great guys and became friends with them. I like reading as well. Martial arts novels are my favorite. I can stay seated in my room for hours reading without changing a posture. So far my college life has been fantastic and now I am looking forward to meeting great teammates and a wonderful experience next summer.

Personal Statement

When I first learned about illini 4000 I was attracted to the trip across the country. However, as I started to learn more I discovered that there are much more meanings embodied in the trip. Cancer is a terrible disease affecting numerous people in the world. It took away my uncle who used to like me so much and bought me lots of toys. Now that I grow up, by joining illini 4000, I wish to contribute my effort to fighting cancer and get more people involved in this cause.