Yang Song

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HometownShanghai, China
UniversityUniversity of Illinois
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Hello I am Yang (pronounced like Young). I was born and raised in the central China, and moved to Shanghai when I was in middle school. Lived in a metropolitan for many years, I am still attracted to nature and wildness, instead of packed, modern cities. Right now I am a senior student in math major. It might be surprising to many people, but I am not very into numbers either. Mathematics has a lot of different natures in different field, and I am more of a geometry guy who likes to see a lot pictures. Because of my study, I am mostly quiet and spend a lot of time in libraries. However, I am not anti-social and safe to talk. Riding across the country is a big project, and even though it will be my second time, I can still feel a lot of challenges. But it is all different from my first time when it was pure anxiety and excitement. Now I feel more of responsibility for the team as well as for our wish to fight against cancer. But since I am going to be stuck in graduate school and won’t be able to do once-a-life-time challenge for a while, let’s rock the way to San Fran!

Personal Statement

Because both of my parents are doctors, I know deeply how horrible cancer is for these patients. Recently one of my friends dropped out from college, because his dad is diagnosed with colon cancer back in China and he is now in his final stage. My friend is heartbroken at the time, and could not continue studying so he decided to go back to take care of his dad. I have seen and heard a lot of these sad stories from my parents and friends, and I feel a great sympathy for the patients and their families and friends in agony. On the other hand, a lot of stories also tell that we can prevent these tragedies by living a healthy life and by pushing the medical technology. Therefore, I dedicate my ride for people who suffer from this disease and their families and friends who love them and support them to flight. And I wish everybody living a healthy life, be fit be strong, and no one would suffer from cancer ever.