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UniversityUniversity of Illinois
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I'm shao and I come from Singapore. It's a beautiful island in the South East Asia region. But in fact, I was born in Beijing. I moved to Singapore when I was very little and basically lost all my heritage and roots. And because of the one-child policy in Beijing, I'm the only child in my family. And my parents have always been doting on me. I'm basically an outdoor person who likes all sorts of adventures. Wake boarding was one of the most awesome experience I have had. There are so many other things I'd love to try out. Stuff like white water rafting, skiing, snowboarding... I play netball (a game similar to basketball), soccer, Frisbee and many others. I used to hate running, but it seems I've become addicted to it recently. Basically, I'm a sports fanatic.

Personal Statement

My great grandmother died of cancer. She was 93. Although I was not very close to her, I was very much affected by it, by her passing away, by the sudden loss of someone who had been so very dear to my relatives and family. I was only 9 but I could feel deeply the despair and frustration experienced by my family and relatives, the helplessness of watching someone you love spending the last few days of her life on death bed, and knowing that you cannot do anything for her other than just being by her side. The agony kills. Although my relatives seemed alright, I knew they were not. And I believe many other cancer patients and their families have similar painful experiences. So I wish I could contribute to the cancer community by giving in my little way. Lance Armstrong is someone who has the qualities of a hero, someone who does not fear when everything is against him. He proved to the world what a true athlete is made of and won his gruesome battle against testicle cancer even when the doctors said he had no chance of surviving. He believed in himself and I salute him for that. I ride for him and my great grandmother and everyone else who is or has been affected by cancer in one way or another.