Sisi He

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HometownShenzhen, China
UniversityUniversity of Illinois
MajorMolecular & Integrative Physiology (MIP)
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Hi! My name is Sis He. I'm a PhD student at UIUC. I'm in Dr. Erik Nelson's lab, and my research focuses on the effects of cholesterol on ovarian cancer survival. Broadly speaking, I study the effects of diet and exercise on cancer survival. I love my research work, and I'm excited that I have the opportunity to contribute to the collaborate efforts of scientists in finding cancer cures. In my spare time, I enjoy running, cycling, swimming, sailing and trying out new activities. My favorite running distance is half-marathon, and my favorite cycling event is Full Moon Bike Ride to Sidney Dairy Barn for ice cream. I just learned and finished building a bike at the Bike Project. I'm very excited and looking forward to our cross-country bike ride next summer!

Personal Statement

As a PhD student, I study and research ovarian cancer, which is unfortunately a very deadly disease. Earlier this year, my department lost Prof. Anna Nardulli to ovarian cancer. Her lab is right next to mine, and she was a great mentor and an inspirational scientist to us. She reminded me the importance of my work, and I would like to do this ride in memory of her. Research is extremely important for discover better cancer treatments. Because of public support and fundraising efforts in the last few decades, we now have highly effective treatments and/or prevention methods for child leukemia, melanoma and cervical cancer. However, cancer is not just one disease, but a collection of many different diseases. To make all cancers curable, more money and resources are needed so scientist can continue to study and understand these diseases better. My fundraising goal is to raise $4,000 for cancer research before our ride next summer. Please support this goal and contribute. Without your support, we won't be able to make progress towards finding cures for cancers.