Shiqi Fu

Shiqi Fu
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HometownGuangdong, China
UniversityUniversity of Illinois
MajorChemical Engineering
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"My name is Shiqi Fu. I was born and raised in South China. I am a junior and major in Chemical engineering. I was major in marketing for two years, but I never like it. I do not want to spend my whole life to do something I do not like, so I decided to change. Meanwhile, I am so thankful that I have great parents, for they are willing to listen to me, understand me and support me. I started intense cycling two years ago, and last summer, I had a 2000kilometers biking trip in China, from Chengdu to Tibet. I got a chance to see how beautiful is my country, how well are the people and who I am. I know myself and the world better through riding and traveling. And now, while I am cycling, I am also helping people. I won’t stop cycling in my life."

Personal Statement

My grandfather died because of cancer. I saw how he was suffered. I saw that he had to obtain more protein to maintain his life but he don’t really want to eat. He had to take all kinds of treatment to extend his life. But that does not cure the disease. He became weaker and weaker. I can't see any hope form his eyes at his latest days. I witness how a person changed from optimistic to desperate and I want those who suffered from cancer get help and I want to involve in fighting against cancer and influence more people to join our team so then more and more people have chance to treat and to live.