Shea Campbell

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HometownBanbridge, Ireland
UniversityUniversity of Aberdeen
MajorMechanical Engineering
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Hi,my name is Shea Campbell,I am an engineering study abroad major,currently studying in the university of illinois urbana champaign.My own university is in Aberdeen,Scotland. I was born and raised in Ireland,where i enjoy playing guitar,drums and vocals for my bands,playing live and recording music.I also love cooking and trained as a chef for four years before leaving to study. My favourite sports are football,gaelic and squash. I hope i can bring light-heartedness to the group this coming summer as the ride will be tough,but also provide motivation to my team members!

Personal Statement

I personally feel close to this subject due to the loss of my grandmother and auntie, My goal is to be able to raise the money needed for the awareness and research of cancer, I would like to be involved so that i can honour my familys loss and that now that i have come of age can do something worthwhile in the fight against cancer.