Piyum Zonooz

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HometownCarol Stream, IL
UniversityUniversity of Illinois
MajorNuclear Engineering
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I was born and raised in the Chicagoland area, the place my parents decided to settle down after emigrating from Iran. Raised from childhood with most of my family overseas, all across the world, I got used to traveling at a young age. As I grew, my comfort with traveling soon turned to a necessity, as I began to crave to see more and more of the world. Years later, I can proudly say I have been to more countries than most go in a lifetime, and there is plenty more to see. All these experiences have lent to me a spirit of adventure I am sure few can match. I am currently a junior in Nuclear, Plasma and Radiological Engineering concentrating on Power. So much of everything we as humans do is dependent on energy and the electricity it generates, and I hope (at the risk of sounding like a true enginerd) to be part of the generation that will find innovative solutions to generating an endless amount of cheap, clean energy.

Personal Statement

I can fortunately say that no one in my family has been affected by cancer. However, I am reminded of the trials and pains my family has suffered from other diseases and I am reminded how terrible a toll an illness cancer can take on a family. Humanity’s fight against cancer is a battle that has raged for hundreds of years, and now, within our lifetime, we have the potential to put it in the history books as a disease gone but never forgotten. Our vigilance and persistence in this fight must be unwavering, our dedication to our cause unrelenting, and our faith in our best researchers and our friends and family who battle this ugly disease unyielding.