Praveen Bommannavar's Journal

Beginnings and ends and beginnings Sep 07, 2008

In celebration of approximately a 1 month anniversary of the ride’s completion, I’ll post a few developments and thoughts since the end of perhaps one of the most epic summers I have ever experienced. After Read more…

Wyoming & Montana Jul 15, 2008

Over the last couple weeks we have seen small and bigger towns in Wyoming, Yellowstone National Park and several towns in southern Montana. All of these have been great.

Wall, Murdo, etc Jun 30, 2008

More pictures. Food from Wall Drug: PS:I got my first bee sting yesterday. Hooray!

Overall Jun 22, 2008

Minnesota exceeded expectations. I am impressed.

Minnesota Jun 20, 2008

OK quick post. Came to Minnesota, crossed the Mississippi, cycled through some hills and found a Panera Bread. Connie and Andrea cooked (they switched cooking duty for cooler duty with Fei and I) which was Read more…

Dairy time Jun 18, 2008

Today we biked from Fitchburg, WI (a suburb of Madison) to Reedsburg, WI. The trail started with a nice stretch through an arboretum, then continued past the university. The roads got rocky for a while, Read more…