Mike Rotter

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HometownNaperville, IL
UniversityUniversity of Illinois
MajorSpecial Education
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Hey everybody! My name is Mike Rotter and I'm a freshman at UIUC studying Special Education. I've lived in Naperville, Illinois my whole life and so I'm excited to explore the country. Almost all my biking experience comes from biking to and from my high school job at Coldstone Creamery. In addition to playing soccer whenever I can, I wake up at 6 in the morning on weekends to watch the English football games (Go Liverpool!). At Illinois, I'm on the bowling team which means I can brag about being a D1 athlete. I'm quick to volunteer as a tutor for practically anybody within earshot that says anything about their homework being difficult. I love to commute over to the local bilingual elementary school to mentor students and deepen my regret for dropping Spanish after 8th grade. I'm loving UIUC so far and I am beyond excited to bike across the country with this team and, more importantly, to support a beautiful cause.

Personal Statement

When I was much younger, two of my aunts had cancer. Thankfully both beat it and are now cancer-free and loving life. More recently, my grandmother had cancer and unfortunately passed away less than a year ago. I remember watching her grow weaker physically but always staying in high spirits and smiling as much as she could. One of my friends, Jack, beat leukemia but the chemotherapy and medication did not combine well with his autism. However, this doesn't stop him from laughing, goofing around, and having a good time whenever we hang out. I'm hoping that through this ride and the Portraits Project I will be able to help everybody smile, even when everything seems to be going wrong.