Maggie Marek

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HometownDowners Grove, IL
UniversityUniversity of Illinois
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Hello, my name is Maggie and I from the lovely suburb of Downers Grove, IL. I am a currently a senior majoring in Advertising with a minor in Communication. When I’m not walking backwards around campus working as a tour guide, or gracing the airwaves at Chambana’s True Alternative radio station WPGU 107.1FM, you can usually find me listening to some great tunes and spending some quality time on Photoshop. My interests include Door County Wisconsin, Swedish pancakes, hunting for treasure at the local thrift store, and crafting with my favorite medium; Mod Podge. I have always enjoyed being outdoors and have been guilty of dragging a friend or two of mine along for company on bike rides on nice days; there is nothing I enjoy more, well maybe my yellow lab Shamrock. I like the view of the world from a bike, and by the end of this summer I’m sure I will love the view I have gotten of the country from two wheels. I cannot thank my parents enough for taking my younger brother Patrick and I on countless family bike rides that I have truly come to appreciate. As we begin to prepare for our journey this upcoming summer I am filled with excitement and nerves but most of all I’m sure that the trip will be one that I will never forget. The first time I heard the following quote was in the soundtrack to the awful Mandy Moore movie How To Deal in 2003. The authors, the band The Flaming Lips, have been one of my favorites ever since, and for good reason. Their lyrics, “Do you realize, that everyone you know someday will die,” while rather depressing have given me inspiration to push myself to do so many things that I never thought were possible, and thus far the results have been amazing. I am not about to stop here.

Personal Statement

Biking across the country, while it may be a huge feat is nothing in comparison to the bravery and strength of those who fight cancer on a daily basis. I am riding for several family members and family friends that have been affected by cancer including my late Grandma Hawkey who was a breast cancer survivor. To all of them and to all of you who have been touched by cancer my heart and this bike ride go out to you.