Michael Gavin

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HometownHomewood, Illinois
UniversityUniversity of Illinois
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As a Finance major, I hope to pursue a career in Consulting or Asset Management after graduation with the intention of retiring early and dedicating my time to pursuing hobbies and interests. My true passion is listening to and playing music. To make a step in this direction, a few friends and I are starting a cover band to play at bars around campus with the intention of keeping it up after graduation. Additionally, I am trying to get more into physical fitness, so Illini 4000 is a great place to start. As I transition from my college lifestyle to a long-term career, I think that the combination of these pursuits will help me become a better and more productive person and hopefully inspire others to do the same

Personal Statement

I am doing Illini 4000 because I want to truthfully put others before myself in a way that requires sacrifice and dedication. I am extremely fortunate that my immediate family has not been directly affected by cancer, however I have seen firsthand just how impactful it can be on friends and families. I believe that doing something like Illini4000 can truthfully change your life and how you live it, and I am excited to make the change.