Lisa Huang

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HometownMaryville, IL
UniversityUniversity of Illinois
MajorComputer Science
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I was born in China and I had my first 16 wonderful years living with my family. My parents got divorced and started their new families when I was 10. But they always love me so much and supports me no matter what. Every time I made an important decision in my life--studying aboard, majoring in CS, going to UIUC, traveling alone to Tibet, shooting a movie myself, start learning flute, I know I'm not alone because my family are always there for me. Especially my grandpa, he's like a close friend to me and encourage me all the time. Now I become a freshman in UIUC and I'm starting a new chapter in my life. I'll always keep moving on and do anything I want without regrets. Just like my grandpa told me: "when you got an idea, all you think should be how to make it work, not what if I fail.

Personal Statement

My grandpa played a really important role in my life, he was my mentor, my friend and my advisor. But three years ago, my grandpa was diagnosed with brain tumor. And he started lost his memory and in the end, he forgot about me. I was so devastated, helpless and effortless and I didn't even know what I could do or how should I face him. I couldn't find a way to adjust myself to accept the news. When he past away, I was studying in America and couldn't go back to stay accompany with him. And I couldn't forgive myself for long time. So I want to do this trip for him and for all other families who are suffering similar pain. And this will be an opportunity for me to do something for me and I hope I can learn to forgive myself.