Kristen Miller

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HometownOrland Park, IL
UniversityUniversity of Illinois
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Hi there! My name is Kristen Miller and I am a senior studying nursing at the University of Illinois, hoping to eventually become a flight nurse. I have my mom and dad as well as an older brother and younger brother whom I love dearly. As a family we love to go camping, play intense cards games, and just be goofy. My favorite foods are tater tots and brown sugar. One of my favorite things to do is watching live music. If I could go back to a time when there was no technology and live off the land, I would do it in an instant. I have been a lifeguard for 5 years and continue to work for Campus Recreation here at UIUC. I also love to play soccer and watch sports in general. I believe as long as you are with the people you love , you can be anywhere doing anything, no matter the circumstances, and it will be a great time.

Personal Statement

I have known more people that have passed away from cancer than I would like, but the one that affected me the most was my Grandpa. He died of kidney cancer nearly 5 years ago. I miss him every single day. He was and still is my hero, playing street hockey with us as kids, going on bike trails, and cooking for us the fresh fish he had caught. I cried and hugged him so hard the moment I realized what was happening. His last week of life he went to Florida to spend peaceful family time together. It reminds me that terrible things happen to good people but the will to live and be positive is more powerful than any other force in the world. Cancer is blind. It does not care whether someone is black or white, poor or rich, old or young. It does not care if you are a sinner or saint, male or female, have everything to live for or are ready to go. It is unforgiving and has affected millions of people’s lives. 2011 was the first year cancer passed up heart disease as the leading cause of death. We have come a long way in the prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment of cancer but there is still no cure. I ride to raise money for research, awareness cross the country, to give hope, and spread the stories of others. I know how strong my Grandpa was fighting this disease and I hope his strength and the strength of all the other cancer survivors, victims and their families will help us through the journey of I4K.