Kathleen Mammoser

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HometownAlgonquin, IL
UniversityUniversity of Illinois
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My name is Kathleen Mammoser and I am a senior studying English with a minor in cinema studies. I am from Algonquin, Illinois where I have lived in the same house since I was born. I have an older sister and an older brother who both graduated from U of I, and a mom and dad who have 12 siblings between the two of them, leaving me with too many cousins to count. I love the summers when I get to enjoy the outdoors and spend time with my family on vacation. I have always loved being outside, whether I’m hiking some mountains in Colorado or playing badminton in the front yard with my dad. When I’m not outside I can usually be found behind a book. I have been known to spend hours in my room reading, but I also love watching sports. I started playing soccer when I was six and basketball in second grade, and I continued to play throughout high school and I loved being part of a team. I hope to travel in the future, but for now I’m excited to be a part of Illini 4000! Illini 4000 will be an amazing adventure for me, and while I know there may be struggles, I cannot wait for the rewards! It will be a great experience that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

Personal Statement

The fight against will always be necessary and it will never be easy. With a strong sense of community, though, the pain can be eased. So many people have been affected by cancer, but all their stories are not the same. I have watched my mother deal with the death of too many people that she was close to from cancer. I am always astounded by how she handled these situations. She never hesitated to be right by their side, even when it was really tough. Watching her compassion towards others has made me want to follow her lead and make a difference. If I can play a role in raising funds, spreading awareness, or supporting someone dealing with cancer in any way, I want to do it. No matter if it is a hundred people or a handful of people, if I can make an impact it will be worth the journey. Illini 4000 is a great opportunity and I looked forward to making a difference and learning during the journey.