Hannah Russell

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HometownGlenview, IL
UniversityUniversity of Illinois
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Hello there! As stated above, my name is Hannah Russell and I grew up in the northern suburb of Glenview, IL. This year I am a junior and majoring in the marvelous science of Chemistry. Outside of academics I have a collection of hobbies such as rock climbing, surfing reddit (my favorites are r/aww and r/funny), thrifting, relaxing and my ultimate pastime dancing. Whenever the music is turned on, there is no doubt I will be busting my moves out. Other than joining me on the dance floor, the quickest way to my heart is a good laugh. That’s why it’s no surprise my favorite movies are always comedies, and I could watch Friends on repeat for days. I consider myself to be just as free spirited as Phoebe and as playful as Joey. I am always up for an adventure, so if you ever have anything in mind you can count me in!

Personal Statement

With the ability to leave someone completely helpless, cancer is a very cruel and unfair disease. Cancer sucks. There is no other way put it. I have witnessed friends and family suffer from the horrible and unstoppable wrath of such sickness. In 2011 I became friends with a happy-go-lucky guy a few months before he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. As two years passed, his energy and positivity slowly began to drain. He lost his battle just at the start of the New Year in 2013. However, his spirit lives on with so many others, and I hope to carry this spirit with me as I bike across the country in the summer of 2015. By joining the Illini 4000 team, I have the ability to fight against cancer and beat it to the ground once and for all. No more should anyone experience such a merciless disease with fear.