Elyssa Musaraca

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HometownAurora, IL
UniversityUniversity of Illinois
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My name is Elyssa Musaraca, and I am from Aurora, Illinois. I went to Rosary High School, an all-girls college preparatory school. Coming to U of I was a big change - no uniforms and boys in class! I am a junior here and loving every minute of it. I study Spanish, Russian, and Arabic, but I have also taken a few French classes. I spent this past summer studying abroad in Granada, Spain, which was an amazing opportunity to see the world. My passport now sports stamps from Spain, France, England, Morocco, and Italy. I love to learn about other cultures, but some other hobbies include running, cycling, and reading. Here on campus I can be frequently spotted at the ARC and CRCE, where I also have a part-time job as a Program Assistant. After graduating from U of I, I plan to attend law school. Eventually, I hope to work for international government agency, such as the United Nations or CIA. But only time can tell where I actually end up! No matter what, I always try to live by my favorite quotation: "Life begins where your comfort zone ends." Fear should never keep me from living my dreams. And if I'm not constantly challenging myself, I'm not pushing myself to be the best that I can be.

Personal Statement

Cancer causes suffering. It claims lives every day. It affects not only those diagnosed, but everyone around them. Whether it be the doctors burdened with delivering the news, the family and friends watching as their loved ones suffer, or the patients struggling to overcome life's most recent challenge - everyone is a victim. As cancer affects more and more lives, the need to fight back is greater than ever. I have seen how cancer can affect the lives of loved ones. Seeing a close friend lose her father and another friend's high school years interrupted by cancer had made me feel so helpless. I couldn't bring her dad back, and I couldn't change those test results during senior year. But I can do something now. I can raise awareness. I can raise money. Illini 4000 is my chance to make a difference.