Ellen Butler

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HometownRushville, IL
UniversityUniversity of Illinois
MajorHistory/Political Science
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"Hello! I am Ellen and I recently graduated from the University of Illinois with a double major in History and Political Science. I will be continuing my education this fall pursing a law degree. I was born and raised in a place called Rushville, which is a small town located in west-central Illinois. Being raised in a small town offered many unique experiences. Coming to the U of I was quite a change from a small-town high school, but I have thoroughly enjoyed my time spent here and all the experiences the school and campus has to offer. In my free time I enjoy spending time with friends, family, and my dog, playing the piano, watching movies, reading, traveling, and, more recently, hiking. I am excited about getting involved with the Illini 4000 and cannot wait to fight against cancer and ride a bike across the country!"

Personal Statement

Although I have seen many loved ones struggle with their fight against cancer, I have been fortunate enough to see most of them win their fights against the disease. For me, the experience that impacted my views on cancer most was when my three-year-old relative, Josh, was diagnosed with and underwent chemotherapy for leukemia. His experience impacted me the most because he was one of the first people I saw struggle with the terrible disease, as I was only eight-years-old at the time he was diagnosed. For three years, he underwent treatment and chemotherapy to help rid his body of the disease. The effect it had on him was hard to watch. Although difficult for me to fully understand at the time, I did understand that this disease had impacted his childhood in the worst of ways. After three years, at the age of six, he successfully won his personal fight against leukemia. Since then, he has continued to be an inspiration in his fight against cancer by being heavily involved with Relay for Life. He continues his fight in hopes that one day no child will ever have to experience what he did. I, like Josh, think it is important to be involved with the fight against cancer because we want people to know that we are there to support them. The harder we fight, the sooner we will find a cure, meaning fewer people will have to endure this disease.