David Pohlad

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HometownChicago, IL
UniversityDePaul University
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Hi guys, my nameʼs David Pohlad and Iʼm a junior at DePaul University in Chicago. Iʼm a sociology major and one day will be trained in helping those in need. Iʼve lived in Chicago my whole life and from performing jazz music to skateboarding, this city has inspired my interests. The outdoors, especially, have always been a literal and figurative escape for me. My best friend and I are constantly going on camping/cycling trips. Itʼs this passion, along with my interest in mechanical and technical engineering that, many years ago, made me into a cyclist. I can honestly say almost nothing gives me quite as much pleasure as riding through my home city. I canʼt wait to turn this hobby into a mission, a personal challenge, and a means to help so many.

Personal Statement

When I lost a friend recently to cancer I remembered something he said to me, that people should only create what is elated. The Illini 4000 is my sincerest effort to do just that. Through this cross-country journey my peers and I are making I believe that we can all keep some of that positivity going. This journey is to create hope and to do our very best to make a difference. Although I havenʼt had many direct dealings with cancer nothing is more heart wrenching then seeing families and individuals who have.