Disha Patel

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HometownLusaka, Zambia
UniversityUniversity of Illinois
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Hi! My name is Disha Patel and I am a junior at the University of Illinois majoring in Biology. I was born in Lusaka, Zambia where I spent most of my childhood. My experience in Zambia was eye-opening and definitely played a big role in shaping me into who I am now. After nine years we moved to Schaumburg, Illinois where I currently reside. Currently, I aspire to be a doctor and am enthusiastically studying for the MCAT. Yay! My goal is to use the skills that I gain through medical school to help the less fortunate. Even though my family and friends have branded me as “eccentric,” I am glad they have accepted me and have enough energy to put up with me. Their love and support means more to me than they know. I am excited for everything that lies between the Atlantic and Pacific. With such an incredible cause and mission, the Illini 4000 brings us all one step closer to the fight against cancer.

Personal Statement

I have always been interested in cancer research because of how it has impacted people close to me. My constant desire to learn more about cancer and related issues is motivated by my firsthand experiences of seeing those affected by cancer. I hope to someday be able to assist with the development in studying cancer related issues. The Illini 4000 helps spread public awareness of the fight against cancer. Through the support that the Illini 4000 provides to communities, the public’s awareness of the issue is increased and makes them more likely to help out, whether this includes their financial support, moral support, or any other form of help. I think that educating the public is one of the most important aspects towards finding a solution, and the Illini 4000 accomplishes this by setting their own goals to help communities across America.