David Hu

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HometownChangsha, China
UniversityUniversity of Illinois
MajorComputer Science
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Hello world! Greeting from Champaign County! My name is Zhengdai Hu and you can call me David! I'm an international freshman from China, and this is my first year studying abroad ever! Fun Fact about my hometown: Orange Chicken is said to be originated from my hometown, although I had never eaten it until I came to US. I'm majoring in Computer Science, currently making some small projects with my roommates. I also love photography and traveling, and that's the part of the reason I joined the team-riding through the whole country and collecting an album of American landscape photos. Life is short, obviously you and I should both DO more fun and meaningful things when we're young *Such as donating, Lol. Studying abroad in US has been a challenging experience for me, but I'm already on the road anyway. Lean back and relax, let's see what we can do next! P.S., each of rider's goal is to raise at least $3500 for fund before the ride, but remember every dollar counts! Great thanks go to whoever supports our campaign. You are more than welcome to read my personal statement or blogs for more of my thoughts about Illini 4000 if you want to donate.

Personal Statement

"Who am I? Where Did I Come From? Where am I Going?" Probably you have known me from my bio but that's not all. I joined this team because I have such belief: "charity is what we do by helping others to help ourselves." As we volunteer to help others, we communicate with the rest of the world, and also learn from it. During the journey, we see, think, write, and progress. Ultimately, it boils down to how we understand ourselves as ephemeral life forms on this earth. I haven't disclose to you about my connection to disease and disorder (and thank whoever have patiently read here), but I have had a stuttering problem since I was a kid. I experienced multiple stages of anxiety, rejection, and regret while I was growing up but eventually I came to an epiphany of relief. Life is too short to hate. It's such feeling of disadvantage makes me wonder what misfortune means to our lives, and what we can do about it. Since joining the team I work out a lot more and start to engage in a lot of social events here, which not only help me out of the culture shock in America, but also help me find myself as an international student. By plunging myself into Biking America campaign I hope to listen to many other voices about life and trouble throughout this country, exchanges our ideas to whom I probably will never meet again, but truly learn from that experience. Let the story be assimilated in our attitude, so we know better about how to love.