Casey Fee

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HometownBatavia, IL
UniversityUniversity of Illinois
MajorChemical Engineering
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Hello! My name is Casey Fee and I’m currently studying to become a Chemical Engineer at University of Illinois. I am my happiest when I’m outside and am not afraid of a challenge. I am the oldest in my family of 3 kids who's guided by two awesome parents. I have one dog, two fish, and a turtle. I love listening to music and playing and teaching piano. I am extremely excited to be a part of this amazing organization and bike from coast to coast! Not only is it an adventure of a lifetime, but it’s for an amazing cause. For my entire life I’ve wanted to help people and hopefully the experiences I have here will do just that.

Personal Statement

Sometimes I feel like cancer is everywhere. My family has had to experience it in many different ways and I believe that if everyone who was affected by it did something small, it could be ended! Two of my grandparents died of cancer, my dad had skin cancer, my 20 year old cousin had cancer, my uncle, and my aunt has breast cancer... so it’s time to really address this disease. Being on the Illini 4000 team is a perfect way to start my fight against the disease and I’m excited to share and hear many more stories as I4K unites the country under one cause.