Caroline Bair

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HometownDowners Grove, Illinois
UniversityUniversity of Illinois
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My name is Caroline Bair and I’m currently a first year graduate student studying Architecture at the University of Illinois. I have been at the University of Illinois for 5 years now and when I am not busy with classes, I am working at the Illinois Ticket Office. I have only missed one Illinois Football game in the 5 seasons I have been here! Some fun facts about me, I am the middle child of three kids, so I am used to not always being the center of attention. I enjoy making people laugh, so I will always be cracking a joke or making a sarcastic comment. I love sports, but my favorite it baseball. I had two fantasy baseball teams and am a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan! I have a personal goal of visiting every major league baseball stadium in the United States (I have visited 7 so far). I am so excited for this opportunity to travel the country and create a platform for people affected by cancer.

Personal Statement

One of my first personal experiences with cancer was in high school. My high school was very involved in St. Baldrick’s and I remember sitting the the auditorium watching people shave their heads to raise money for childhood cancer. I remember leaving that day asking myself if I would have the courage to shave my head. I was so torn up because my answer was that I don’t think I ever would. I have fortunately been very blessed in not having any close family or friends that have been diagnosed with cancer. Personally, what is driving me to do this ride is my Dad. He hasn’t had cancer, but he has had a lot of other health issues, with one that led to having his foot amputated. Even through all of the issues he has faced, he still continues to live life to the fullest. I am doing this ride for him, and anyone else that cannot physically do it. I am learning that I not only have a voice, but I can help others share theirs. This ride is for everyone out there who needs someone to say, “I will fight for you". Many hands make light work, and fighting cancer is no exception. Together we can find a cure, and this ride will help shed light on that.