Bridget Hapner

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HometownChicago, IL
UniversityUniversity of Illinois
MajorGraphic Design
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I have lived in Chicago all my life with my wonderful parents and sister. I went to high school downtown, which was very fun. I ran cross-country and track throughout high school, and hope to complete a half-marathon someday. Senior year I participated in an off-campus program for graphic design at Gallery 37 Center for the Arts. There, I fell in love with graphic design, which is what I study at UIUC. My favorite thing about graphic design is the ability it has to communicate with the public - I hope to pursue poster design someday. I'm also studying french, because I think learning another language can teach one about a different way of life and open the door to the possibility of conversing with and learning from so many more people. I hope to learn more languages in the future! I love working with kids, art museums, and being outdoors. I am riding with the Illini 4000 because I think volunteering isn't something that should be done only when someone has time or it is convenient - it's a way of life, and I want to commit my summer to helping others. I'm very excited to be a part of the I4K this summer!

Personal Statement

I, like many others, have known people that have been affected by cancer throughout my life. The level of control the disease can take over someone's life and how abruptly it can end a life is unbelievable, and this happens way too often. Becoming involved in helping other people is never a bad idea, but here in particular it is important due to the severity of the disease. The attempt to find a cure for cancer is called a fight - that is a testament to how severe the disease is. Becoming involved in the fight, particularly with something as active as the I4K, can encourage other people to become more aware of the disease, and join the fight. The severity and nature of the disease demands that many combined efforts fight together, and I want to be part of this. I'm choosing to take an active role in fighting cancer because that's what needs to be done and I believe in taking action - I want to be a part of an effort that could spawn more efforts and know that in the long run, we're all working together to help save lives.