Arturo Woodward-Montes

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HometownWashington D.C.
UniversityUniversity of Illinois
MajorCivil Engineering
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Hello, all. My name is Arturo Woodward-Montes and I am a civil engineering sophomore at the University of Illinois. I call the Washington D.C. area my home. I am the middle child in my family of five with an older brother and younger sister. Around campus, I am involved in the Cross Country and Track clubs where I run long distance. Along with that, I am also on the UIUC Concrete Canoe team where we design, build, and race a canoe made nearly entirely of concrete. From my experience on these two teams as well as others in High school, I have learned that no task is too major when people band together to accomplish it. This is why Illini 4000 has enticed me so much. While cancer is a major disease that plagues humanity, we can beat it together. Being a part of I4K is how I contribute to humanity's team against cancer, and doing so while biking across the country is pretty cool too!

Personal Statement

Cancer is a disease that millions are faced with and affected by not only every year but every day. While I am fortunate that none of my immediate family members have been afflicted by the horrible disease, I know there countless others who have not been so lucky. There are so many heartbreaking stories out there of cancer destroying people's lives while doctors, family members, and friends could do nothing to help but watch. Now it is my turn to do something. Rather than stand idly by as cancer rips lives apart, I will bike for awareness, for hope and most importantly for an end to this disease.