Analisa Soare

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HometownChicago, IL
UniversityUniversity of Illinois
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Hello! I’m Analisa Soare, a first generation American and sophomore here at UIUC. I’m currently in the Division of General Studies – which is a fancy term for the School of the Undecided. However, I want to transfer into Material Science and Engineering, specifically Biomaterials for I wish to help people in my own, anonymous way. I also LOVE to travel! I even took a year off between high school and college to visit family all over Europe - like Spain, Italy, France and of course, Romania! During that year, I had a lot of time for reflection and I promised myself I’ll do things that make me happy and fulfilled, and that I’ll never turn down an adventure. These adventures, I want them to enrich my life. I want to be that old woman that’s adorned with laugh lines and tells incredible stories of my experiences to my disbelieving grandchildren. How do I collect these experiences? By immersing myself in the UIUC culture! I joined Tea & Company for the great conversation and amazing drinks. Adventure Club for, well, the adventures of course! I dance with some great chicas in Bellydance UIUC. I get my nerd on with Humans vs. Zombies, a weeklong game of hide-and-seek mixed with tag. And then the Illini 4000 came along. I am ECSTATIC to be a part of this fabulous team! The summer that awaits me on this bike ride – it’ll be the adventure of a lifetime that will change me and the way I see the world!!

Personal Statement

My mom had uterine cancer before I really understood what that meant. You wouldn’t guess that about her now. She smiles and laughs, gets lost in books, plays with my little brother in the park. She can live her life. As thankful as I am to have her, I can’t help but realize that not everyone can be as lucky as us. So I’m doing this for her – for the battle she won. I’m doing this for myself – to fight for a cause I believe in. And I’m doing this for all those who need hope.