Alex Kott

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HometownSugar Grove, Illinois
UniversityUniversity of Illinois
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Hi! My name is Alex Kott and I’m currently a sophomore majoring in Psychology! After undergrad, I plan to attend a Physician Assistant program and hopefully become a Pediatric PA. I grew up in Sugar Grove, Illinois with my wonderful parents, brother, and sister. I come from a very talented and musical family so most of my childhood was spent in some type of practice room or music rehearsal. Here at U of I, I play clarinet in the Marching Illini and participate in the University of Illinois bands. I am so thankful for my supportive parents who have come to almost every football game or band concert I’ve ever been in! When I’m not in school or being a band geek, I love to spend time with friends, go out to eat, watch movies, and shop!

Personal Statement

Lately it has become common for any given person to know someone who has or has had cancer at one point in their life. Before I was born, my grandmother was diagnosed with Melanoma. It was very serious but luckily they found that it had not spread anywhere else, which it often does. I have been very fortunate that I have not directly had to experience a loved one going through the awful battle of cancer. However, to this day my grandma still has to do things like annual doctor’s visits, use special products on her skin, and not stay out in the sun when we are on our annual family vacation in Florida. Cancer is truly an awful disease and in one way or another, its effects linger around way longer than the disease itself. I want to ride with the 2015 team so that cancer isn’t such a common thing anymore and that others can be as fortunate as my family.