Alia Alsikafi

Alia Alsikafi
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HometownLake Bluff
UniversityUniversity of Illinois
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Hi! My name is Alia Alsikafi and I’m currently a freshman studying mathematics at University of Illinois. I grew up in Lake Bluff Illinois, a northern suburb of Chicago. I’m the eldest of five siblings and having grown up always being surrounded by family and friends so I really value family time. I have always loved talking to new people and hearing their stories. I like getting involved with different organizations, sports, and clubs because I’m able to form connections, learn from others, and grow as a person. In high school I played on the girl’s varsity tennis team and ran on the girl’s varsity track team. Through my involvement with the girl’s tennis team we fundraised for an women’s abuse shelter called House of Peace in North Chicago by teaching tennis to the children who live there. We made such a big impact on these families to help make them feel the support and love from their surrounding community. I have always looked up to my tennis coach not just as a tennis player, but also as an inspiring and kind hearted person. She taught the whole team that by using our passion of tennis we can help those who are less fortunate. Finishing off my senior year as a captain on the tennis team the biggest thing I learned was the best way to make a difference is by doing something you love. When I arrived at UIUC and I heard about the Illini 4000 Bike America team I immediately knew I wanted to ride across the country because it allows me to fulfill my passion of exercising and at the same time helps found cancer research as well as patient support services. I love going on new adventures and making a difference in the world. I’m super psyched about the challenges I will overcome, the people I will meet, the memories I will make, and the cancer victims I will help by riding across the country this summer.

Personal Statement

Up until recently I didn't have anyone close to me have cancer, but unfortunately his past year my grandfather was diagnosed with colon cancer. He is currently still fighting, but over all getting a lot better. Even though it has been a struggle, I’m happy that my family and I are coming together even more because of it. In addition, my best friend’s mom was also diagnosed with cancer and is too still fighting the battle. Helping my friend go through that has been hard and scary. When people are diagnosed with cancer it is important to come together and help each other out. Unity it what makes us as humans get through hard times. I was there for my best friend and her family and now my family and I are here for each other. These are only two out of the millions of people who have cancer. This dreadful disease can directly affect anyone and indirectly affects everyone. I want to help society get closer to finding a cure for cancer.