Day 42: Doing dandy in Denver

Today was a rest day in Denver, Colorado! After many long rides in severe weather, we finally were able to catch up on the rest we so desperately needed. It was great to sleep in and not have a set plan for the day. The team spent the day running errands and relaxing. Some of us did laundry and and went to bike shops, while others went to coffee shops and hiked. One of the best things about rest days is that you can always find someone on the team that wants to do the same thing you do. Whether it’s relaxing or exploring you can spend the rest day the way you would like, which gives us the freedom to feel like normal college kids for a day! Today we also had an event with Primal (company that designed our jerseys). It was so cool meeting the team that created the uniform we wear each day. They also made us BBQ food and had a fun game of human foosball set up for us. We played against one another and even got sprayed by a super soaker if we stepped outside of our space! It was a great way to spend the afternoon.

A special thanks to Rita for making the team tacos for dinner! Another shoutout to Jinji Cycles (a bike shop in Denver) for being an incredible help to some riders who had some pretty serious bike problems. It is bike shops like these that create a community amongst cyclists. If you are in the Denver area, check them out as they are the best help you can find for all things bike related!!


Flat count: n/a
Song of the day: I get jealous -Chromeo
Memorable moment: The group that went hiking was amazed to see a sneak peak of the mountains we will be climbing!

Day 41: What a day in Denver

What a day to be in Denver!!! Today the team was suppose to ride 97 miles but due to extreme heat and wind we only rode 60 of the 97. We started the day early again thinking it would help us to avoid the heat. The weather forecasted 99 degrees by 10 am. When we arrived at the first rest stop everything was good but by the second rest stop at 40 miles people were really starting to feel the heat. Colorado is extremely dry so riding through the wind was like riding through a hair drier. I knew it was hot but I was barely sweating, meaning I was dehydrated. No matter what the team drank, everyone was still extremely thirsty within minutes of chugging their water! To make matters more challenging there was a strong wind that created a small dust tunnel. Because of all these things our ride leader made the call that is was unsafe riding conditions. We got to stay in a nice women’s garage while we waited a few hours for the shuttle process. In the end we fit 13 bikes and 13 people in the van. When we arrived at the church Caroline’s family (who is visiting in Denver) had food waiting for us and it was the best thing ever after such a hectic day. Special thanks to them for their generosity and help on a stressful day! For the rest of the night some people on the team went to a concert at red rocks and others had dinner with some 2014 Alum. The 2014 alums Christy and Anne brought us a ton of snacks and it was great to exchange stories with them about their ride! Thanks 2014 team again for the snacks!

I would like to thank Christ Church United Methodist for being our host tonight! The ride dedication was for Mike’s friend Lukas who battled Leukemia.

Tomorrow we have a rest day in Denver, which we are all looking forward to after several long and hot rides.


Flat count: 0
Song of the day: Hot in Here -Nelly
Memorable moment: climbing a hill and seeing the Rockies for the first time

Day 40: Colorado is a desert?

Today the team rode 88 miles from Wray to Ft. Morgan, Colorado. We changed into mountain time but decided to continue our normal wake up routine to beat the heat. We were up at 4:45 am and out and on the road by 6:30. Before we hopped on the road the team recreated the Harlem shake (a dance craze from a few years ago). This was part of the mosher and will be on our Facebook soon! The cool morning was nice while it lasted but, man oh man did it get hot! The forecast predicted the temperature to be in the hundreds. You could say we got lucky as the high was only 99. The route today however was a breeze, not many hills and we were on the same road again for pretty much the whole day. The conditions weren’t in our favor with headwinds making it difficult at times, but we got rewarded with tailwinds for the last 20 miles! I haven’t been to Colorado but the scenery has yet to change much from Nebraska. We haven’t seen many hills and everything is much drier that our easterly states. This part of Colorado isn’t the stereotypical mountains, it is arrid so it took many of us by surprise. We got in today with just enough time to try out a local ice cream shop and rest up for another long day tomorrow.

I would like to thank the United Methodist Church for hosting us tonight and providing us with a delicious pasta dinner! The ride dedication for the day was for Maggie’s dad who had a liver and kidney transplant a little over a year ago.


Flat count: 1
Song of the day: Forever -Chris Brown
Memorable moment: Attempting to teach the freshman to pose in a fierce manner.. they’ll catch on someday hehe
P.S we met a lady at the 7-11 today who paid for all of our groups snacks, her name was Theresa and she was wonderful! If you are reading this thank you so much!

Day 39: Made it all the way to Wray

Today the team rode 92.2 miles from Mccook, Nebraska to Wray, Colorado! After a hard century yesterday the team was feeling run down. Fortunately today didn’t have much climbing but it did have great views of the valleys in Nebraska. We even rode past a marina which was very beautiful and confirmed that Nebraska was cooler than we thought! We were on one road pretty much the whole day which allowed everyone to talk and relax without having to worry about cues. Today was HOT and SUNNY (shoutout to my sunburn). It finally felt like summer weather today, let’s hope it keeps up! Today we got to take pictures with three state signs (Nebraska, Kansas, and Colorado). It is insane to think that we biked all the way from NYC to Colorado.

I would like to thank the Wray community center for hosting us tonight! Also thank you to 4th and main downtown grille for the delicious donation of food! The ride dedication today was for Aaron’s grandmother.


Flat count: 1
Song of the day:
Memorable moment: Ryan’s claim to fame during his solo dance at the rest stop

Day 38: What’s Mccookin good lookin?

Today the team rode 105 miles from Kearney to Mccook, Nebraska. This morning we were all treated to french toast made by chef Matt. It was a great way to start the morning and set up good vibes for the day. Similar to our last century ride, it started off cold and rainy and continued to rain on and off all day. We got to ride through the hilly parts of Nebraska which were beautiful and like nothing I had ever seen before. Golden hills that contrasted with green hills and a bright blue sky with puffy clouds, you just can’t beat it! A lot of people said that today was one of the most challenging days. I think the combination of many miles, rain and hills left the team exhausted and ready for bed! My group pushed through by singing songs and telling stories. P.S today is day 38 which means we are halfway through the ride!

I would like to thank the YMCA for hosting our team tonight! The ride dedication was for Karen, a women that some teammates met yesterday at Walmart who was a cancer survivor.


Flat count: 1
Song of the day: Unwritten – Natasha Bedingfield
Memorable moment: A group stopped at an RV that was decorated like the Scooby Doo van. They met the owner and even got a picture.

Day 37: Great day in Kearney

Today the team rode 83 miles from York to Kearney, Nebraska! It was a lovely day to ride with clear skies and it was very sunny for the majority of the ride. My ride group passed the time by playing the question game and talking about I4K prom. It was so fun to have full conversations today as the shoulder left enough room for us to ride two by two. Some groups stopped to take pictures with llamas and hay bails that we saw along route! We also had an awesome rest stop at an ice cream shop/ garden center. Day 37 you were a good one!

I would like to thank First United Methodist Church for being our hosts today. I would also like to thank Buffalo Wild Wings for donating 100 wings and Skeeter Barnes for donating pulled pork sliders. It was an incredible dinner and we are so thankful. The ride dedication was for a man some girls met yesterday while decorating the van. He was a bladder cancer survivor.


Flat count: 2
Song of the day: Black Bird
Memorable moment: Singing call outs in a musical like way. Then calling it I4K the musical! It’s dorky things like these that pass the time and create lasting memories.