Day 50: No go to Provo

Today the team rode 0 miles from Duchesne to Provo, Colorado. It just so happens that a forest fire broke out on the route that was planned today. Smoke still covered much of the area and it was discouraged to not stop at all on the road so it was decided that we would shuttle the entire 98 mile ride for safety. This morning we piled in the van and drove two hours to the stay over. All 20 of us were able to situate ourselves in a somewhat organized fashion in the van haha. The views were unreal on the ride. Seeing the mountains filled with smoke and debris was unreal. The fire had burned down so much of the greenery. The canyons and mountains going into Provo were also incredible. Utah is shaping up to be my favorite state because it has so much diversity in terms of terrain. One minute you’re in an Arizona desert and the next you are in lush green mountains full of pine trees. The views were so great that a few team members decided to go back and ride the last few miles that were safe to ride through. Others of us spent our day doing laundry, resting, and checking out Provo. One group even got gigantic cookies!

Thank you to Cross Point Church for hosting our team this evening. Thank you also to Cougar Pizza and Nicolitalia for donating pizza to the team! It was much appreciated.


Flat count: N/A
Song of the day: Wildfire -John Mayer
Memorable Moment: Shuttle Fest 2018 ( a meme started by the team) actually happened. Shuttling 98 miles will go down as memorable

Day 49: Lake day in Duchesne

Today the team rode 60 miles from Vernal to Duchesne, Colorado. It was a fairly easy 60 miles but man oh man is Utah HOT! The entirety of the ride was dry, as Utah is apparently a desert. For one of our rest stops we stopped in gas station where we got free popcorn and watched the World Cup game. Belgium vs. Brazil and Belgium won (sorry Helen!) Some groups made a pit stop later at a snow cone shop which was the perfect treat to beat the heat. We then arrived at our campsite at Starvation State Park. Although we were camping in 100 degree weather there was the most beautiful lake that we all swam in to cool off. It was so nice and relaxing. We spent the evening, hanging out, swimming, skipping rocks, reading and overall just having a great time! We also got to witness one of the coolest sunsets that lasted what felt like 2 hours. The mix of colors over the mountains with the lake was one of my favorite sites of the trip so far.

Unfortunately we were informed that the route to Provo would be closed off due to forest fires. There is a lot of smoke in the air so it was decided that we would shuttle to Provo. We had to pack up our bikes and stuff and Caroline and Sam the amazing driving duo took the stuff to our stayover in Provo! Teamwork makes the dream work!

Today the ride was dedicated to Deb Herman (Maggie’s Dad’s coworker) who has breast cancer.


Flat count: 3
Song of the day: Toes -Zac Brown Band
Memorable moment: I think everyone can agree that sitting by the lake at sunset was the highlight of the day!

Day 48: 90 in 90 degrees to Vernal

Today the team rode 90 miles from Maybell, Colorado to Vernal, Utah!! We crossed the beautiful state line over into Utah toward the end of our route. It was the best one yet with the blue mountains in the background and the dinosaur on the sign. Utah is very proud of the dinosaurs that used to roam what is now a desert with mountains. We even crossed through a town called Dinosaur for lunch! We made a quick pit stop at dinosaur national park to find out why the people of Utah are so hyped about their dinosaurs! We also found a cute cafe to eat at for those of us who can no longer stand to look at a Pb&J haha. The ride was tough today with 90 degree weather, a decent headwind and a good amount of hills. It paid off as being one of the best ride for views and picture opportunities!!

I would like to thank St.Paul’s Church for being our hosts and to Dominos pizza for providing delicious pizza after a long day. The ride dedication today was for Jim’s wife who passed away from cancer. Jim is a man a group met a few days ago and conducted a portrait with.


Flat count: 9 ( our new record)
Song of the day: Staying alive
Memorable moment: Hanging out with the whole team in Dinosaur for lunch, which went on for way too long haha… but we had a great time!

Day 47: Holiday Hiatus in Maybell

My apologies for the lack of blogs the last few days we have been camping the last few nights with very little access to WiFi. The team spent yesterday exploring downtown steamboat and hiking. Some of us even checked out the hot springs to make our rest day restful! Currently, we are staying in the smallest town any of us have been to. Ironically they have a small sliver of WiFi!! Today the team rode 75 miles from Steamboat Springs to Maybell, Colorado. It was a pretty easy day, mostly downhill (thank goodness). We are staying in Maybell tonight at a campsite. We have become regulars of the one general store in the town. On the bright side we get amazing views of the mountains!

Today the ride dedication was for Ryan’s uncle, Van who is fighting bladder cancer.

Tomorrow we cross over into Utah for more mountains and more fun!
P.S. Happy Fourth of July


Flat count: 1
Song of the day: Born in the U.S.A
Memorable moment: In an attempt to get to McDonald’s the team biked through/crashed a 4th of July parade. We got many waves and cheers!

Day 44: Maxing out on elevation to Granby

Today the team rode 65 miles from Idaho Springs to Granby, Colorado!! We climbed for 22 miles today which is our largest consecutive climb so far. We climbed 5,000 feet and reached our max elevation for the whole ride. It’s safe to say it was a pretty eventful day for I4K. Many of us also broke records for max speed downhills as we had also 20 miles of downhill (which should more appropriately be named downmoutain) it was wild, scary and exhilarating!

Special thanks to Maggie’s cousin for hosting us at his amazing house tonight. We have fantastic views of the mountains! Today’s ride dedication was for Maggie’s aunt who is battling breast cancer.

Tomorrow we will climb some more and then we will be in steamboat where we will be camping. If the blogs are not posted it is because I do not have WiFi access.


Flat count: 0
Song of the day: Come on get higher
Memorable moment: making it to the top of Berthoud pass and looking down to see all that we had climbed. One of the most satisfying feelings on the ride so far!

Day 43: Climbing into Idaho Springs

Today the team rode 44 miles from Denver to Idaho Springs, Colorado! We finally are in the mountains, after climbing almost all day. No matter how difficult it was to bike…or crawl up the mountain the views made it absolutely incredible. It is great to be out of the plains and onto new and more exciting scenery. We climbed for 8 miles straight today, which may not seem like much but the winding roads were a challenge that the rolling hills of the Midwest could not prepare us for! Although we only biked 44 miles the ride was action packed with thrilling downhills, and views of whitewater rafters! We even helped out a cyclist who was competing in a race. We were his pit crew and helped pump up his tire! Once in Idaho sprig we enjoyed checking out the cute shops the town has to offer

I would like to thank our host tonight, United Church of Idaho Springs. They provided us with a delicious taco bar and we are extremely grateful! The ride dedication today was for Sofie’s friend Ariel’s dad who is currently battling brain cancer.


Flat count: 0
Song of the day: The Climb -Miley Cyrus
Memorable moment: Finally reaching the highest point in the day and realizing how high up we climbed.. and also that the rest was downhill hehe