Day 56: Twin Falls you are a beaut

Today the team rode 43 miles from Rupert to Twin Falls, Idaho. Today was the second easiest day of the ride and it could not have come at a better time. After a few long, hot days many people on the team were not feeling too good. The ride today was pretty easy with good conditions and nice weather. Most of the groups wanted to hustle so that we could enjoy the day and have time to rest. All the groups got to the stayover around noon. This gave us the whole day, so naturally we all piled in the van to run some errands. First stop Jimmy Johns for lunch and Chik-fil-A for a shake! Then the grocery store so chef Matt could prepare for the feast he wanted to make. After a few hours and waiting on Matt hehe we finally made it back to the stayover. The rest of the team was waiting so we could all go see the waterfalls. They were stunning! We spent 2.5 hours staring at the waterfalls from different directions and elevations. we then spent the rest of the afternoon doing laundry and chilling. It was a nice day! Matt prepared us a delicious meal complete with: Salad, Au gratin potatoes (when in Idaho), Chicken with lemon caper sauce, soup and brownies for dessert. It was restaurant quality and so nice of him to spend the day preparing all the dishes!

Thank you to our stayover River Christian Fellowship. The ride dedication today was for my aunt Marcy’s mother Evelyn who passed away from lung cancer a few days ago.

Rider Spotlight (bringing this back): Mike Rotter

What’s been the best part of I4k so far?
I would say doing the portraits. Especially the portrait we did in Madison.

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
People would be surprised to know I only left the country once and that was to Niagara Falls.

Favorite rest stop snack?:
Snagging a vintage root beer from a glass bottle

What’s your favorite type of music?/Favorite pump up song on the bike?
Oldies for sure. Jukebox hero

What do you do when you are struggling on the bike?
Start singing along to songs or ask random questions to my teammates

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
I would change that people perceive me as mysterious

What’s your dream place to live?
In Liverpool, England

What place are you most looking forward to on the ride or liked the most?
The entire state of Utah because it was gorgeous and the mountains are beautiful and the people are nice.

What has been your favorite day on I4K so far?
Day 48: The day entering Utah because we passed Dinosaur national monument. We greeted into Utah by the blue mountains. I tried 3 types of root beer at the lunch stop. I found 4 license plates that day. I also had a great group.. best imaginable!

Team Knife or spoon?
Team spoon for peanut butter and team no utensil for jelly. If it doesn’t come out easy.. I guess you could use a spoon.

If you could have any superpower what would it be?
Speed and stamina to keep up with Hitarth on the bike

What’s been the most challenging part of the ride?
The most challenging part of the ride is eating PB and J because I don’t like peanut butter.

New edition to a crayon box what would you be?
Reliable Red: it’s a generic color so it won’t make your art pop but it will always be there for you

Favorite pair of socks: My New York Socks because I plan to pair them with my San Francisco pair.


Flat count: 1
Song of the day: In the end -Lincoln Park
Memorable moment: seeing the waterfalls for sure!

Day 55: Rescuing in Rupert

Today the team rode 75 miles from Pocatello to Rupert, Idaho! It was a very windy ride, with headwinds coming straight at us for all 75 miles. After the first rest stop some groups stopped at The Ranch Bakery in American Falls! It proved to be a hidden gem, with the nicest people working there who gave the team ice. At The Ranch, a few of us met a women named Diane who shared/filmed a portrait about her scary and sad experience with cancer after taking care of her brother in his final months. The Ranch was nice enough to provide the portrait group with homemade cinnamon rolls. They were delicious! We then continued riding through some hilly parts. The first group noticed a patch of dust up ahead. When they got closer they realized that there was a car on the side of the road with a man inside asleep. Because we were in the middle of nowhere with close to no cars they found it suspicious. When they tried to see if the man was ok he was unresponsive. They were quick to call the police and check his pulse! The man eventually woke up and appeared very out of it. The group left the rest to the police. Shoutout to that group ( Mike, Sofie, Eric, Rachel) for being hero’s today.

Thank you to First Christian praise chapel for hosting us tonight and providing us dinner!


Flat count:2
Song of the day: Bad day -Daniel Powter ( not necessarily because today was bad)
Memorable moment: Getting squirt by water guns from the van clan upon arriving in Rupert

Day 54: Pokey to Pocatello

Today the team rode 96.7 miles from Logan, Utah to Pocatello, Idaho. We crossed another state line today and now only have two states remaining!! We started the day a little pokey because Mike was never woken up. This wasn’t realized until our “circle up” morning meeting where it was noticed that no one had seen him. Minutes before we were going to roll out Mike was woken up! We all were pretty exhausted after yesterday and took our time this morning so we didn’t leave until 8 am. Once on the road we knew it was going to be a long, hot day. We tried to look for a 7-11 to stop at for free slurpee day but unfortunately there was next to nothing along our route the whole time. However. we met some very supportive people at the gas stations that we were lucky enough to find along the way. Overall, I think it was a pretty difficult day for most of the team. There were a lot of people who ended up not feeling well. I think that we are also at the point in the ride where our bodies are breaking down from all the riding. The heat also takes a massive toll. The wind and heat were very unfriendly to us today. The remainder of the team had our last rest stop at a park where some people napped under trees and others had a water gun fight. It’s safe to say we are all very tired but we are excited to continue the adventure through Idaho!

Thank you to the hosts at Evangelical Lutheran Church Of Good Shepherd for preparing Avery healthy meal for the team. The ride dedication was for a family friend of Helen’s who is battling prostate cancer, while also training for triathlons. She described him as her hero!

~Tailwinds pretty please~

Flat count: 5? Too many to count
Song of the day: Greatest Showman soundtrack
Memorable moment: Completing yet another hard day with one another’s support and realizing that as a team we only have 22 more days left on the ride!

Day 53: Burning up in Logan

Today the team rode 89 miles from Salt Lake City to Logan, Utah. The day started out nice because we were on trails for a good 40 miles! We made our first pit stop at a gas station where Helen met a man who was a cancer survivor and got to conduct a portrait with him. We also made another stop at a fruit stand. We have all been craving healthy and natural food as our diet consists mostly of gas station food. It was so nice to snack on watermelon and berries on such a hot day. The temps got upward of 98 degrees with a substantial climb around mile 70 of about 6 miles. It was brutal! Once we made it to the top there was a sweet downhill waiting for us with incredible views of the valley and mountains. I’ll miss the Mountain View’s in Utah. Tomorrow we will be heading to Idaho.

I would like to thank Alpine Church for hosting us tonight and providing us with a spaghetti dinner. Today’s ride was dedicated to Kathy’s uncle, John Geary who passed away 7 years ago from esophageal cancer.


Flat count: 4
Song of the day: September -Earth,Wind &Fire
Memorable moment: The team piling into the van to make 3 stops at Chick-Fil-a, Krispy Kreme and an ice cream shop so we could all get our desired rewards after a long day!

Day 52: Salt Lake is Rad!

Today the team had a rest day in Salt Lake City!! People did several different things. Some spent the day actually resting up while others explored the sites. These included: Coffee shops,the Olympic Park, and the capital. A special thanks to Hitarth and his family for generously donating amazing meals to the team.

Today is a short blog as many of us caught up on rest! Our last day in Utah is tomorrow and I am sad to be leaving as it has been one my favorite places so far!


Flat count:N/A
Song of the day: Lorde -Tennis Court

Day 51: Short day to Salt Lake City

Today the team rode 53.5 miles from Provo to Salt Lake City, Utah. Although it was a shorter day in comparison the climbs were long and difficult with a 16% grade. Unfortunately there wasn’t the silver lining of a downhill to follow to climbing. The downhill was under construction and no bikes were allowed so the team had to be shuttled down. For lunch the team stopped at a fancy grocery store that also had Taco Bell across the street. It was split about 50/50 with who went to what place. Then the teams spent some time napping under the trees.

I would like to thank All Saints Episcopal Church for hosting the team. Today the ride was dedicated to Amy Roland’s grandma who passed away from cancer. We stayed with Amy during our time in Omaha.


Flat count: 0
Song of the day: Lazy Song – Bruno Mars
Memorable moment: One group spent two and a half hours at the lunch stop. Sofie and Matt had very different opinions on when they should leave.. eventually they did end up leaving haha