Day 38: What’s Mccookin good lookin?

Today the team rode 105 miles from Kearney to Mccook, Nebraska. This morning we were all treated to french toast made by chef Matt. It was a great way to start the morning and set up good vibes for the day. Similar to our last century ride, it started off cold and rainy and continued to rain on and off all day. We got to ride through the hilly parts of Nebraska which were beautiful and like nothing I had ever seen before. Golden hills that contrasted with green hills and a bright blue sky with puffy clouds, you just can’t beat it! A lot of people said that today was one of the most challenging days. I think the combination of many miles, rain and hills left the team exhausted and ready for bed! My group pushed through by singing songs and telling stories. P.S today is day 38 which means we are halfway through the ride!

I would like to thank the YMCA for hosting our team tonight! The ride dedication was for Karen, a women that some teammates met yesterday at Walmart who was a cancer survivor.


Flat count: 1
Song of the day: Unwritten – Natasha Bedingfield
Memorable moment: A group stopped at an RV that was decorated like the Scooby Doo van. They met the owner and even got a picture.

Day 37: Great day in Kearney

Today the team rode 83 miles from York to Kearney, Nebraska! It was a lovely day to ride with clear skies and it was very sunny for the majority of the ride. My ride group passed the time by playing the question game and talking about I4K prom. It was so fun to have full conversations today as the shoulder left enough room for us to ride two by two. Some groups stopped to take pictures with llamas and hay bails that we saw along route! We also had an awesome rest stop at an ice cream shop/ garden center. Day 37 you were a good one!

I would like to thank First United Methodist Church for being our hosts today. I would also like to thank Buffalo Wild Wings for donating 100 wings and Skeeter Barnes for donating pulled pork sliders. It was an incredible dinner and we are so thankful. The ride dedication was for a man some girls met yesterday while decorating the van. He was a bladder cancer survivor.


Flat count: 2
Song of the day: Black Bird
Memorable moment: Singing call outs in a musical like way. Then calling it I4K the musical! It’s dorky things like these that pass the time and create lasting memories.

Day 36: The new York

Today the team rode 61 miles from Lincoln to York, Nebraska. It was another smooth ride with a small amount of rolling hills in the first 20 miles and flat for the rest of the day. The weather today was PERFECT! Bright blue skies with fluffy clouds and miles upon miles of green corn fields. A few groups stopped in a small town called Seward, where they discovered some thrift shops and small shops with very friendly people. We also saw the parade of flags there. One group even saw a train with 126 cars. Today’s mosher was to switch names with someone for the day, it ended up causing a good amount of confusion.

For dinner we got Pizza Hut and Valentino’s! We also got Dairy Queen for a treat which was amazing on such a hot day. Later at night a group of us watched Shrek. Shoutout to Kathy, Alex and Caroline for decorating the van. It looks incredible!(look out for pictures on Facebook) I would like to thank the First United Methodist Church for hosting our team tonight.

The ride dedication today was for Mike’s friend Tucker who passed away from leukemia yesterday.

Flat count:0
Song of the day: Allstar -Smashmouth
Memorable moment: The team bonding over our love of Shrek and its soundtrack

Day 35: Jammin in Lincoln

Today the team rode 63 miles from Omaha to Lincoln, Nebraska. The morning was very cool and overcast but eventually it warmed up and turned out to be a great day for riding. The team rode on bike trails for a good majority of the ride and conquered hills for the other portion of the day. Everyone was very thankful to have a shorter ride after several long days!

I would like to thank the First Evangelical Church for being our hosts for this evening. We had a lot of fun playing ping pong, air hockey and pool! Matt also made a delicious stir fry for the team which upped our pasta and lentil game!

Today the ride was dedicated to Amy’s and Carrie’s grandmother who was diagnosed with cancer yesterday with pancreatic cancer. Amy and Carrie were our gracious hosts the last few days in Omaha.

Flat count: 1
Song of the day: love on top -Beyonce
Memorable moment: Jamming at the church and showing off our dance moves ;)

Day 34:Omaha is more than just Buffett

Today the team rode 0 miles as it was our rest day. Although, with our group it’s more of an off day than a rest day, as we always enjoy sightseeing. Today was spent exploring downtown Omaha which is very nice with quirky vintage stores and tons of great restaurants. We had a delicious lunch and enjoyed looking at some of the eclectic shops that almost everyone bought souvenirs from. Everything in Omaha seems fairly new and it impressed me! We had a group dinner at Amy’s House (one of the hosts). It was really good to see everyone after the team spent its first day not all together. Amy’s house was only four down from Warren Buffett’s, so that was pretty cool! Overall it was a really nice rest day and I enjoyed exploring all Omaha has to offer.

A special thanks to Amy for coordinating all our stay overs for Omaha.The hosts have been nothing short of lovely. It has been so wonderful to stay with them and we appreciate all they have done to make our stay great! I can now confirm that “Nebraska kind of nice” is a thing.

Tomorrow it is back on the saddle as we make our way to the capital, Lincoln.
~ Tailwinds~

Flat count: N/A
Song of the day: Nebraska – Bruce Springsteen
Memorable Moment: Getting Cone and Flour ice cream! It was seriously some of the best ice cream I have ever had :)

Day 33: Singing in the rain to Omaha

Today the team completed our longest ride yet, 105 miles from Carroll, Iowa to Omaha, Nebraska!!!! The day started out with many doubts of us even completing the ride. With thunderstorm predictions all day, our odds were slim for having a smooth ride. Thankfully only scattered showers made an appearance for our ride. Today’s views were beautiful, but whoever said Iowa doesn’t have hills could not be more wrong. Rolling hills for miles and miles were seen on our ride today. The majority of the first half consisted of climbing and then descending on the rolling hills. Of course we also had to end our day the I4K way by climbing a steep hill into the stayover tonight, hehe.

I would like to thank all of our hosts tonight for opening up their homes to us. A relative of a past rider (Alia) arranged for us to all stay at different homes of people that she knows so that everyone of us is able to sleep in a bed! I will get a good night’s sleep for sure tonight!

The ride dedication today was for Kathy’s friends mom who had ovarian cancer.

Tomorrow will be another rest day for the team! I’m excited to relax and recuperate after all the miles we put on the road this week!


Flat count: 0
Song of the day: Singing in the Rain
Memorable moment: Sofie putting on her rain jacket just in time for the rain to abruptly stop. This happened a total of three times, with each one getting more and more suspicious and Sofie getting more and more annoyed hehe