““The Illini 4000 is a non-profit organization dedicated to documenting the American cancer experience through The Portraits Project, raising funds for cancer research and patient support services, as well as spreading awareness for the fight against cancer through annual cross-country bike rides.”

Our Commitment

The Illini 4000 is committed to supporting cancer causes both nationally and locally within the central Illinois community and have chosen a variety of organizations including the American Cancer Society, Camp Kesem, the Lance Armstrong Foundation, the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation, the Ishan Gala Foundation, The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation, TLC Camp, and University of Illinois Urbana Champaign researcher Dr. Brendan Harley, to help us achieve our mission.

The Illini 4000 supports the American Cancer Society because of its long-standing commitment to cancer research. The American Cancer Society is the largest, not-for-profit source of funding for scientists studying cancer and has provided funding for some of the most important breakthroughs in cancer

The Illini 4000 is also proud to support the efforts of Camp Kesem, an organization which runs summer camps for children whose parents have been affected by cancer. Through our continued support, the Illini 4000 has helped dozens of children to attend Camp Kesem Illinois free of charge

The Illini 4000 allocates a portion of its donation to patient support services. The Livestrong Foundation focuses on providing victims of cancer with various resources,such as the Livestrong Guidebook, which helps survivors learn about treatment and find the best healthcare options.

The Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation works to accelerate breakthroughs by funding young scientists in their pursuit of innovative research.The organization uses 100% of
donations for research.

Camp TLC in Lombard, IL, provides a volunteer-run, fun-filled week for children with cancer and their siblings. Illini 4000’s donation will allow five campers to attend for free.

The Illini 4000 contributed to the research of the University of Illinois’ own Dr. Brendan Harley. Through this unrestricted contribution towards his research in biomaterials, Dr. Harley could venture into the introductory stages of potential research paths and obtain funding for large-scale future
research projects.

Only 3% of the National Cancer Institute’s budget funds child- hood cancer research. The Illini 4000 is proud to support the Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation in working to close this gap, as well as provide support to families of children with cancer.

The Portraits Project

While riding across the country, the Illini 4000 Bike America Team interviews cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers from all walks of life. From the truck driver in New York City to the wheat farmer in Colorado, we believe that everyone has a story to tell. The project illustrates cancer’s influence on American life and how individuals respond to cancer according to their unique backgrounds and life experiences. Since 2007, the Illini 4000 riders have recorded over 200 stories from cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers and have created an enduring and evolving portrait of the American cancer experience.

It is the goal of the Illini 4000 to provide a space for people to share their powerful stories about experiences with cancer, to promote the development of a nationwide community, and to provide a resource for those currently battling cancer by sharing these inspiring stories.

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