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The Illini 4000 is a non-profit organization dedicated to documenting the American cancer experience through The Portraits Project, raising funds for cancer research and patient support services, as well as spreading awareness for the fight against cancer through annual cross-country bike rides.

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Day 62: Oh hey, John Day! 07.19.18

My apologies for no blog post yesterday, we were camping with no access to WiFi. A little recap from yesterday’s ride. We rode 85 miles from Ontario to Unity, Oregon. All of us came to an agreement that yesterday was one of the most difficult rides of the whole summer. The climbing and headwinds were a real treat. We also had two very long and large climbs. Regardless of all the hills that kept appearing behind every canyon and corner the groups kept moral high and with Steven in mind “just kept chugging”.

Today the team rode 50 miles from Unity to John Day, Oregon. We got to see trees again and needless to say it was one exciting site to see. We passed through several national forests today as well which consisted of beautiful pines that spaned for miles. It was a little preview for the Redwood Forest. There was construction so the whole team got the supergroup and climb some of the hills together. What a cool feeling to climb as a whole team. There were a few big climbs today but there were no headwinds so the day was infinitely easier. The short miles always brings about a more energetic day. A few groups took breaks, one went to Dairy Queen to treat themselves after the climbs.

Today the ride was dedicated to a women we met at a convenience store the other day. She had battled ovarian cancer in the past year. A huge thank you to Caroline’s family ( Rita and Karen) for donating Subway for dinner.


Flat count: 0
Song of day: One Tree Hill -U2
Memorable moment: Seeing pine trees everywhere and getting a glimpse of the faint mountains in the distance after coming up a large hill.

Day 60: Oregon we’ve been waiting for you! 07.17.18

Today the team rode 60 miles from Boise, Idaho to Ontario, Oregon. Today’s ride was super smooth and a ton of fun! With the easy miles comes a more relaxed vibe. My group started the Read more…

Day 59: Buoyancy in Boise 07.16.18

Today was our rest day in Boise, Idaho! We decided to do the most restful thing we could think of … so we went whitewater rafting. In all seriousness it was one of the coolest Read more…

Day 58: Oh Boise! 07.15.18

Today the team rode 82 miles from Glens Ferry to Boise, Idaho! It was a tough ride due to cumulative toll from days prior, overexposure to heat, and the dry desert climate. The route wasn’t Read more…

Day 57: Poppin tires all the way to Glens Ferry 07.14.18

Today the team road 70 miles from Twin Falls to Glens Ferry, Idaho. Today was long, hot and windy. It got up to 100 degrees mid afternoon with 12 mph headwinds the majority of the Read more…

Day 56: Twin Falls you are a beaut 07.13.18

Today the team rode 43 miles from Rupert to Twin Falls, Idaho. Today was the second easiest day of the ride and it could not have come at a better time. After a few long, Read more…