Committee Members

The committees under Illini 4000 board of directors mainly help with day-to-day operations of the organization in a more specific area.

Logistics Committee

Arturo Woodward-Montes Beneficiary coordinator

Arturo Woodward-Montes joined Illini 4000 his freshman year as an active member. He quickly developed a strong affinity for the organization along with its members and plans to complete the ride across the country this summer. As Beneficiary Coordinator, Arturo communicates with the organization’s various beneficiaries and plans events with them over the ride. All of this is to ensure that the Bike America Team not only benefits from learning about the organizations I4K promotes, but also so they can meet and interact with diverse and interesting people that could potentially contribute to the Portraits Project.

Angelica Czarnecka Route Supervisor

Angelica was rider in 2015 and has remained a part of the organization since then. Helping where she can is nothing relative to the impact that Illini 4000 has had on her life. As a member of the Logistics Committee, she will be aiming to make the 2017 route phenomenal. She enjoys virtually riding the routes she is creating via Google Maps, allowing her to make sure there aren’t many pot holes and at the same time she gets a glimpse at the beauty that future riders will experience. Angelica is a Junior pursuing a degree in Industrial Engineering.


Collin McKeough Stay-over Coordinator

Collin McKeough joined Illini 4000 during his sophomore year in the fall of 2016. He is an active member, as well as a member of the 2017 Bike America Team. Collin is proud to serve on the Logistics Committee where he hopes to give back to an organization and a cause that has already had a great impact on his life. In the role of Stay-over Coordinator, Collin helps the team locate and secure locations to stay along their bike route across the country. This allows the team not only to make it across the country, but also to meet people of diverse backgrounds and experiences along the way.


Treasurer Committee

Alison DeBruyn Supporter Relations

Hi! My name is Alison DeBruyn and I am a sophomore in the College of Business at the University of Illinois. Last summer I completed the ride from NYC to San Francisco as an Illini 4000 rider and this year I am a member of the Board of Directors. In addition to cycling, my favorite hobbies include baking, cooking, running (or exercising in general), and traveling. On campus I am also a member of the Society of Women in Business and the cooking club, Sweet & Spicy. When I am not doing one of these activities, I am either hanging out with friends, spending time with my family, or watching my favorite TV shows (Cake Boss and The Bachelor/The Bachelorette/Bachelor in Paradise).

Kevin Gibbons Corporate Relations

Hey world, 2015 rider here. I’m a junior who loves a good adventure, whether it be casually biking across the country or spending four months in Costa Rica. I’m into endurance athletics – marathons, triathlons, Spartan runs, or whatever else comes my way. A night spent with good friends and good laughs is never wasted, a day spent outdoors likewise. In addition to getting a team across the states, I’m co-captain of the Illini Drumline.
Pura vida, mae.

Alex Kott Fundraising

Alex Kott joined Illini 4000 her sophomore year and was a part of the 2015 Trek Bike America Team. She served as the Director of Marketing for the 2015-2016 school year and will now be involved in Team Fundraising for the 2016-2017 year. She can’t wait to help the new team meet all their fundraising goals! Alex is starting her senior year and is studying psychology.