About Portraits

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The Portraits Project is a collection of narratives that demonstrate how Americans respond to cancer based on their unique life experiences and individual beliefs. From the retired teacher in Washington D.C., to the young dancer in Portland, the Illini 4000 believes that everyone has a story to tell. While interviewing cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers from all walks of life, our riders are able to truly discover how cancer has impacted the American lifestyle. By recording these unique narratives from the communities we ride through each year, our organization illustrates how Americans respond to cancer according to their religious beliefs, location, and socioeconomic status.

Since 2007, the Illini 4000 has collected dozens of narratives, making the Portraits Project enduring and evolving. This project is a trademark of the Illini 4000 and demonstrates that there is much more to our organization than fundraising and cross-country bike rides. The Illini 4000 strives to interact with communities across the nation in order to give a voice to the American cancer experience. The Portraits Project makes our cancer charity rides the most unique in the nation. By sharing this project with the people we meet along our route and through the Portraits Project website, we are making unique forms of cancer awareness accessible to all.

“(Cancer) affects everybody. We all know someone. . . . It affects the old, the healthy, children, regardless of race.”
-Kathy Hoerner
Cancer Fighter and Caregiver
Murrysville, Pennsylvania