Day 49: Dubois, WY to Grand Teton National Park, WY

Today we rode for Jack Sattler. Jack is Mike’s good friend who fought and won against his diagnosis with Leukemia. We thought of him every time we saw a bear (which was only twice and we were very far away, so don’t worry!). We find every story powerful and are thankful for stories like Jack’s that have a positive outcome.

To start the day riding into the Tetons we had to prepare with some grocery shopping for the next several days. You’ve probably noticed that we have been MIA on social media and that’s because we’ve had an amazing few days camping out in the Tetons and Yellowstone. To prepare, we had to figure out how much good we would need for the next several days. We bought the store out of wheat bread, got some hot dogs and s’mores, and headed up the mountain! It was a stunning ride first up a mountain for 30 miles straight, then a lunch stop at a beautiful mountain top lake, a fast descent down the mountain, then entrance into the National Park.

Seeing the Tetons was amazing. All day we kept wondering if we had seen them, if this mountain was part of the Tetons, etc., but when we finally saw them, we instantly knew. We got to our campsite not long later to set up our tents for the next couple of days. We had some team sandwiches and got to hang out with each other because we knew we could sleep in the next day!

The rider shout-out for today goes to Erin. Erin helped big time with all of the shopping we had to do to make sure that everyone was full and happy. She is always very level-headed and a person that you want on your team both on and off of the bike.

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