Day 18: Rockville, IN to Champaign, IL!

WOW, we are so blessed today from all of the support we received throughout the day. We want to once again shot out the Rockville First United Methodist Church. This morning, they loaded our van up with fruit and snacks and also made us an AMAZING breakfast of pancakes, sausage, eggs, and fruit. We have been staying there for 12 out of the 13 years Illini 4000 has been in existence. We are blessed and thankful, and were honored to dedicate our ride to our Rockville Family today.

Today’s ride was really a blur, we were all so excited to get to Champaign! It was 77 miles, which is no small feat, but it went so fast. We felt like celebrities on our ride today, some of my own family was stationed along the ride to say hello as we rode, and then we had so many people greeting us at the Alumni Center when we rolled in. We were introduced by the Cancer Center and were given snacks and good company. It is so crazy that we are already back where we began, 18 days later! We are excited for our rest day tomorrow catching up on sleep, and catching up with friends and family.

Today I am going to shout out every single one of us :) this team means the whole world to me already. I have never been around such a funny, quirky, nerdy, somewhat unathletic (but very very determined), kind group of people. I felt so proud to be biking into Champaign surrounded by these supportive people! The rest of the ride is going to fly by I can already tell, but I’m thankful to have so much time left in the summer with them!

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