Day 17: Indianapolis, IN to Rockville, IN

Last night, we had the chance to hang out with Rebecca, who completed the ride in 2017. This morning, we had the honor to dedicate today’s ride to Rebecca’s Uncle Larry, who is getting ready to start treatment for his cancer.

Today was a fairly short ride, only 66 miles from Indianapolis to Rockville Indiana. We are pretty excited to be back in the midwest where the roads are flat and we have views of cornfields. It reminds us a lot of our training rides and it’s really awesome to be able to ride side by side instead of in a straight line. The days go a lot faster when you can talk to one another!

Our stayover tonight is an Illini 4000 favorite: the Rockville First United Methodist Church. This stayover always takes such good care of us with homemade meals, showers, access to a poo!!l, and entertainment! This evening we were able to watch the ding-a-lings perform their unique bell concert for us we were relaxing. We loved having a short day and having so much time to be with the members of the church and do hang out with each other!

Rider Shoutout: when we are rolling up to Champaign tomorrow, look out for our awesome painted van, done by our very own Cari! Cari is an amazing artist, and an overall amazing teammate. Biking with Cari is great because she always starts up the best conversations which helps pass the time and keeps the day lively.

We will be in Champaign TOMORROW and can’t wait to say hello to some of our friends and family at the reception at 4:00!

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