Day 76

Hello world!

Day 76/76… the 2018 Illini 4000 Bike America Team successfully crossed the Golden Gate Bridge today. Many many tears were shed. Tears of sadness, tears of joy, tears of laughter. All were represented this mornin.

This trip has been an experience of a lifetime. We fought through all the hardships and came out on top each time. I am so incredibly proud of every person on this team. We’ve all come a long way and have grown as individuals because of this ride.

I would do it all over again in a heartbeat and if you ever get a chance to do something like this, take it!!!

Here are some of the things I have come to realize this summer:

- I have a new found love for kombucha

- Tubeless tires are the way to go so don’t let anyone tell you different

- States I’d consider living in:
Northern Idaho

- I can eat PB&J for 75 days straight and not get sick of it

- I snore really badly

- Standing up no hands is easier than ya think

Going into a 76 day long bike trip not knowing anyone was one of the best decisions I ever made. I was terrified getting on that bus/train, but within a few days, I knew I was in the right place and was going to have a lot of fun this summer. And best of all, it was for a great cause. I’ve met some crazy cool cats this summer which I hope will stay lifelong friends.

All thanks to my family and friends for getting me here. I wouldn’t have made it through without my amazing support system.

Another thank you to everyone who read my blog! I went in thinking I was going to taper out by day 10 ish but here we are hahaha

It’s been real y’all. Until next time.


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  • Bill West says:

    Loved your blog and congratulations on a wonderful adventure.
    Ryan’s grandad.

  • Maggie Piazzi Maggie Piazzi says:

    Thank you!

  • George Rotter says:

    Thanks to you and Mandy for blogging each day. It was great to be in on the adventure just a little. George Rotter (Mike’s Dad)

  • Maggie Piazzi Maggie Piazzi says:

    Of course, my pleasure!

  • Momma P says:

    My heart is bursting with gratitude! So much to be thankful for, can’t even begin to list it all, but I will say that having the love of family and friends is a treasure. Grateful to you all for supporting our girl on this journey.

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