Day 73

Hello world!

Day 73, that’s a wrap. Today was kinda a hot mess express on the bike :( we did a girl power group and by the end, we only had 3/5 still standing. We powered through though and we’re able to finish the day on a positive note. We giggled our way through the day and laughed at our bad luck.

Side note: when we were waiting for the van at one point today, we picked wild blackberries and ate them. I felt like I was truly living off the land haha and I’m still alive so that means it wasn’t poisonous! Call that a W.

This stayover is a little funky but I kind of like it. We are staying at a church, but they decided to cancel on us today, so we are legitimately in the back property of the church sleeping outside. When life gives ya lemons, you make lemonade and that’s exactly what we’re doing. I was jumping for joy when I heard we were camping again because I low key like it a lot. Not everyone feels da same though. Tough stuff for them.

Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Curtis, we had some awesome tacos for dinner!! It especially helped as we wouldn’t couldn’t have a fire to roast our dogs! The tacos were a biiig hit by evveryone.

Tomorrow we’ve got our last big day…90 miles. W I L D ! It’s so funny to pass the signs that say San Francisco, x miles away and watch that number slowly drop from sign to sign as we get closer.

Peace out Girl Scout.


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  • Terese & Andy Tatar says:

    I have been reading your posts every day . You’ve done a great job and I have loved reading them! Congrats on the successful ride – you kids are all amazing!

    Terese Tatar (Sammy’s mom)

  • Maggie Piazzi Maggie Piazzi says:

    Thanks so much for the support. It means a lot!

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