Day 69

Hello world!

Today was something special.

Crossing into California. Enough said.

Biking through Redwoods. Enough said.

Biking on the 101. Enough said.

SEEING THE OCEAN. Enough said.

Running into the ocean. Enough said.

Painfully biking to the stayover barefoot and soaking wet after running into the ocean. Enough said.

We faced some tough hills and tight, winding roads with heavy traffic, but we were cautious and took care of business. It went swimmingly.

Seeing the ocean finally put into perspective what we’ve accomplished. We have officially biked from coast to coast.

Holy. Cow.

Nothing but smiles around here.

Today we’ll bike into our rest day in Eureka, CA. Hopefully we can have a party by the beach. That’s what this girl wants to do.

As 2Pac would say… “Caaalifornia Love”


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