Day 66

Hello world!

Day 66… today was nottttt an ideal day to be on a bike. Regardless, we still had fun with it.

First off, it was hard to say goodbye to Bend. I don’t think many of us wanted to leave because the city was such good vibes.

I still stand by my decision of going on that hike up Mt. Bachelor yesterday, but holy cow it made today very difficult! We biked about 7 miles on a full on gravel road, but I was all about it. We were skidding and drifting through the gravel on downhills (all in safe ways don’t worry) and it made for a good time. Our hardest climb for the day was on the gravel road so it made those with road tires struggle hardcore.

Perks of having a cylcocross bike with fatttttt tires!!! I may have to put in more work for most rides, but I don’t have to change flat tires and I have an advantage on the gravely roads… hehehe

We are staying at an abandoned strip mall tonight. This place is soooo rad! After a long nap, we went exploring and had a photoshoot. There is a cool bar called the “Pine Room” that reminds me of a speakeasy back in the day with nifty Oregon pint glasses. There is also a 2 lane bowling alley so it was fun to mess around there too! Shoutout to Eric for finding the switch to the black lights!! Made for some fun cosmic bowling.

A few of us ventured out to another building and tried to get in but it was no luck Chuck. Hitarth blazed the trail though and we were able to get onto the roof overhang thing of the building which was neat. The adventurous bunch we are!

Exploring is fun :)

Tomorrow we are headed to Crater Lake!! Hollaaaaa, I can’t wait! One of the places I was most excited about going into the trip, so I hope it lives up to expectation.

Word on the street is that the climb into the park is a challenge, so we’re gunna take it slow and steady Freddy.

Night kids.


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  • David korus says:

    Exploring sounded like a well needed diversion. Think about how your going to miss being on the move when you back home in boring Libertyville.
    Crater lake sounds amazing.

  • Maggie Piazzi Maggie Piazzi says:

    It really was!! Definitely a fun way to pass the time while staying in such a quiet town. Crater lake was unbelievable! Definitely going to miss this lifestyle

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