Day 62

Hello world!

Day 62 was mighty fine. We had a 50 mile route with about 3000 feet of climbing. It was suuuuper pretty too. It’s funny to think how quickly the landscape can change. We went from sleeping in the desert in Unity last night to biking in a booty-ful national forest filled of pine trees and amazing mountains. The climbs were steady but definitely enjoyable. A piece of cake compared to yesterday!

Due to construction, we had to supergroup the first big climb of the day. The Oregon Department of Transportation escorted us up the hill, so we had the entire road basically to ourselves. It was really nice to be able to conquer a mountain as an entire team! We’re so used to biking in small groups of 3-5 that it was nice to be together like one big happy family :)

My favorite thing today was seeing all of us bike in the big pelaton group and when we called “cars back”, we seamlessly fell into a pace line. It was such a pretty sight to see. We looked legit on the roads today. If ya ask me, we’re ready for the Tour de France.

Because we got back so early, we were able to pay a visit to a local brewery in town. Pretty neat place!

We’re camping again tonight in John Day. Pretty quiet on the campsite but there were showers so that’s always an automatic A+.

Gotta give a B I G shoutout to Caroline’s mom Rita and Aunt Karen for being so so so generous and treating the team to Subway for dinner! When I heard we didn’t have to eat hot dogs for dinner, I was grinning from cheek to cheek.

We got 80 miles and some seeeerious climbing tomoz. Hopefully pretty views though.

Keep it 100 peeps.


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