Day 61

Hello world!

Sorry for the late post… we were camping in Unity, OR where there is no such thing as a sign of civilization, which meant no service.

Yesterday we were taking all passengers aboard the struggle bus. It was probably one of the top 5 ish toughest days for not only me personally, but as a team in general. The wind was going berserk and we had 2-3 tough, steady climbs. Wind and climbing is just a bad combo. Our climbing speed ranged from 4-9 mph and it was extremely draining, but the only thing we could do was tough it out and keep goin, which is exactly what we did.

I had about 3 or 4 laugh attacks on the bike today and I had no clue what I was even laughing at. Probably from my lack of sleep/me being slaphappy, but anyway, biking and laughing at the same time is no easy task… take it from a girl who knows. I could barely pedal and keep my bike moving forward. Some might call that a hot mess.

As I was saying earlier, our team has seen some better days. By the end of the 84 miles today, we had 10 riders still standing. These kids are dropping like flies out here!!

At the campsite we were finally able to have our first fire!!! Big steps peeps, big steps. We roasted dogs over the fire for din and watched the sun go down over the lake. A nice, relaxing night telling funny stories and crackin jokes.

Peace out.


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