Day 59

Hello world!

Rest day in Boise truly kept us on our toes, that’s for sure!

Me and my crazy self decided to wake up at 6:45 on our rest day and venture over to Boise high school’s track to run some laps, as if biking every day isn’t enough hahaha.

It was an experiment more than anything because I wanted to see how running would compare to biking. Turns out I am very out of shape!! After running a couple miles, my legs are feelin it and it took my body a while to get used to a different type of exercise other than biking. It makes me wonder if I’ll ever really run again!

Around 9:00 the team headed out in the van to our big event for the day… whitewater rafting!!! We took on class 4 rapids which got prettttty wild. Unfortunately we had a wee lil incident where one of the rafts got pinned to a rock for quite some time and their raft flipped. Thankfully everyone is A-OK, but to keep a long story short, we had a few swimmers that had to be brought to safety.

Thank goodness we’re a team because we all had to work together to help one another out on those rapids today. In the end, everyone had a good time though and I’d still recommend rafting to peeps because it’s very enjoyable :)

Tomorrow we will be crossing into Oregon, which is our second to last state!!! Can you believe it?? Time is flashing before our eyes.

Although everyone hates on eastern Oregon for being deserty, I don’t care because I’m excited to skedaddle out of Idaho. I didn’t really enjoy biking through here, but I’m seriously contemplating moving to northern Idaho in the future. I think I might like it up there. It’s much much much much much more scenic than southern Idaho… and it’s more uncharted.

And now… here’s to entering Oregon Duck territory. May it be all a girl could ever want in life. The end.


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