Day 58

Hello world!

Oh Boise, we’ve finally made it! We straight up cruised through the 83 mile day today. Due to the heat and wind, we kept rest stops short and we’re movin and groovin on those bikes, averaging 15 ish mph. We meant business today.

Groups trickled in and then we took a trip to Boise State to use their red center to shower. U of I needs to step up their game because this place was niceeeeeee!

BIG shout out to Elias’s parents, for donating Chipotle dinner. It totally hit the spot after a big day. Thank you so so so so so much Mr. and Mrs. Martin!!

I’m gettin p u m p e d for whitewater rafting tomorrow. It should be
super fun and hopefully no one falls out of their raft.

Also side note: today I accomplished 2 of the goals I set for myself on this trip. First, I successfully did the Superman on a bike (riding with your body horizontal as if you’re laying on your bike) and finding a license plate on the side of the road!! It was a good day :-)

Tune in tomorrow for updates on the rafting sitch.

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good night.


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