Day 57

Hello world!

Today was a journey, one that had its ups, it’s downs, and tested mental toughness for sure.

The first 23 miles were pokey because we took a 30-40 minute stop at mile 5… but it was well worth it. We got to watch a handful of people jump off this awesome bridge!! The base jumpers had parachutes that they pulled when they jumped and floated down over the Snake River (I think), ending in the landing area to the right of the river. Some jumpers even had fans on their backs so they would jump and then fly around/do tricks (flips, etc) in the air.

It was a SIGHT to see :)

We also ran into at least 10-15 doggos that were out to get us. You wouldn’t think it, but being on a bike and getting chased by 4 yapping rat dogs is a scary time, especially when your only defense mechanism is to bike faster and squirt the darn thing with your water bottle.

We had 1 very close call around mile 28 when a feisty one almost bit Caroline’s leg off. No worries, she was able to shoo it away (by inches).

The day was mostly downhill with a couple Mt. Everest’s to climb (as Sam would say). We dealt with some tough temps and bad winds. It reached over 100 degrees today and that was no fun.

The Idaho desert seriously feels like you’re biking in a hair dryer on full blast, at the highest heat possible. It is brutal!

We had 6 miles to go when Caroline got a flat. She repaired it easy peasy and we were on our way after 10 minutes or so. Then… in less than a mile, the poor girl got another flat!! What kind of bad luck is that?? Crazy talk… she repaired that one too and we were on our way.

The last 6 miles were a grind and I thought I was sizzling in a frying pan but we finally got to the stayover.

I still kind of feel like death and am probably 10000 bottles dehydrated so we shall see what tomorrow brings us.

Boise and whitewater rafting is on the horizon!!

Stay golden, Ponyboy.


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