Day 56

Hello world!

Today was refreshing. A nice 43 miles essentially made for half a rest day… BOOYAH!

Festivities consisted of a trip to Jimmy Johns, paying a visit to Shoshone Falls (the Niagara of the west), a nap, a team pow wow, watching the show Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (not sure why I continue to watch it because I really only like the intro theme song but oh well), playing hacky sack, juggling a soccer ball, and my favorite… eating an amazing dinner made by none other than our own Matthew Niewiara!!

Man… who taught that boy how to cook??? He made one of my favorite chicken dishes, which is putting tomato, basil, and mozzarella stuffed inside a chicken breast.

Game. Changer.

Also another fan favorite were his cheesey potatoes made from Idaho potatoes! It was… divine. Hats off to Matt for an awesome feast.

Tomorrow we have 70 ish miles to get us to Glens Ferry, ID. Should be a grand ol time.

Okay… goodnight moon.


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