Day 55

Hello world!

Boy oh boy. Wind in Idaho is bruuuuutal, what the heck! We were mentally prepared for the headwinds of Iowa and Nebraska, but people forgot to mention Idaho. Today easily had some of the toughest winds of the trip so far, combined with hill after hill after hill. Even though they were smaller, they get pretty difficult after a while (especially when your speed going downhill into the wind is a whopping 13 mph).

Anywho, tears were shed, screams were screamed, rocks were thrown… anything to let the frustration out ya know! Perks of being in boofoo Idaho I guess! You have no one to bother so you can scream as loud as you want and throw things to make yourself feel better. Whatever gets the job done, right?

At one point today we were cruisin along the interstate! That was pretty exciting and kinda funny. Cars were going 80 mph next to us and we were chuggin at a solid 11 mph. Only 69 mph under… not bad! We also were following the Oregon Trail for most of the day, so that was exciting!

Some of us also stopped at a potato farm/field and may or may not have harvested a few potatoes to put in our jersey pockets.

When in Idaho folks… when in Idaho.

Another funny thing we saw today was a dog standing on top of hay bails on the back of a truck. That pup was surfin safari and was barking away up there. I hope the driver knew his dog was actually up there…hmm I didn’t think about that until now.

God bless tomorrow because we only have 43 miles!! Partyyyyyyy! Then only a few more days until Boise, ID, can you believe it??

Time flies when you’re having fun my dudes.



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