Day 54: Pokey to Pocatello

Today the team rode 96.7 miles from Logan, Utah to Pocatello, Idaho. We crossed another state line today and now only have two states remaining!! We started the day a little pokey because Mike was never woken up. This wasn’t realized until our “circle up” morning meeting where it was noticed that no one had seen him. Minutes before we were going to roll out Mike was woken up! We all were pretty exhausted after yesterday and took our time this morning so we didn’t leave until 8 am. Once on the road we knew it was going to be a long, hot day. We tried to look for a 7-11 to stop at for free slurpee day but unfortunately there was next to nothing along our route the whole time. However. we met some very supportive people at the gas stations that we were lucky enough to find along the way. Overall, I think it was a pretty difficult day for most of the team. There were a lot of people who ended up not feeling well. I think that we are also at the point in the ride where our bodies are breaking down from all the riding. The heat also takes a massive toll. The wind and heat were very unfriendly to us today. The remainder of the team had our last rest stop at a park where some people napped under trees and others had a water gun fight. It’s safe to say we are all very tired but we are excited to continue the adventure through Idaho!

Thank you to the hosts at Evangelical Lutheran Church Of Good Shepherd for preparing Avery healthy meal for the team. The ride dedication was for a family friend of Helen’s who is battling prostate cancer, while also training for triathlons. She described him as her hero!

~Tailwinds pretty please~

Flat count: 5? Too many to count
Song of the day: Greatest Showman soundtrack
Memorable moment: Completing yet another hard day with one another’s support and realizing that as a team we only have 22 more days left on the ride!

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